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Species Page Guide

  • The aim of this section is to:

    • Provide a starting point for identifying a species you have seen or to find information about a species you are wanting to see

    These aims are achieved by:

    • Providing a logical step by step 'top down' approach to finding a species featured in the Nature of Dorset database
    • Providing a set of database query tools to aid identification (currently on flowering plants and trees/shrubs)
    • Providing an alphabetical index of species so one can find information about a species directly and quickly

    This section can be used for:

    • Getting help with the identification of a species you have seen
    • Accessing information about species you may wish to see including where and when to see it

    From this home page you can: 

    Access the INDEX a list of the 2,000+ species recorded in Dorset; animals and plants. For many that I have recorded there is a description, some basic information, some photographs, a distribution map and links to similar species. Use the INDEX if you: 

      • Know what species you to find out more about
      • Use filters to reduce the number of species displayed in the list to make the search easier
      • Click on view' next to any species in the index to see the information avaiabl about that species

    Access the IDENTIFICATION guide for help identifying a species using a structured and logical approach.  Use the IDENTIFICATION guide if you: 

      • Want to identify any animal or plant you have seen in Dorset but do not know what it is
      • Want to identify species using a structured 'top down' format to lead you to possible answers
      • Want to see all Dorset species in a 'family' (animal or plant) in a photographic grid for comparison purposes

    Access the HABITAT guide for species (currently mainly plants) that are associated with a particular habitat type. Use the HABITAT if you: 

      • Have seen a plant in a particular habitat type (woodland, scrub, heath, etc.) that you do not recognise
      • Use habitat as one of various factors in trying to identify a plant
      • Want to know what plant species are associated with certain habitat types

    Click/tap your selection to move to the next level down:

    An alphabetical index of all the species featured in the Nature of Dorset:

    • Access basic information about any species that interests you
    • See photographs of the species (where available) to help with identification
    • See a distribution map, time charts, and much more


    A top down approach to tracing groups of species or a particular species:

    • Start by selecting from one of six types of animal or plant
    • The select from categories within that section
    • Continue to family level and to species level if required


    The identification tools are designed to try and help you identify a species by filtering options to produce a list of suggestions :

    • Identify birds selection of by colour, size, habitat and time of year
    • Identify flowers by colour, habitat, and flowering time
    • Identify trees by shape, bark, twig, leaf, flower, fruit, etc