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See details Name of Reservesort descending Map Reference Interest Level
view Abbotsbury SY560849
view Abbotsbury Castle SY576855
view Abbotsbury Swannery and Gardens SY577847
view Affpuddle Forest SY804924
view Alder Hills Nature Reserve SZ063935
view Allington Hill and Coopers Wood Local Nature Reserve SY456935
view Alners Gorse Nature Reserve ST736100
view Arne Nature Reserve SY972878
view Ashley Wood Nature Reserve ST928048
view Ashmore Wood ST905189
view Askers Meadow Local Nature Reserve SY468924
view Athelhampton Gardens
view Aunt Marys Bottom ST546023
view Avon Heath Country Park SU121029
view Badbury Rings Hill Fort ST964030
view Ballard Down SZ050822
view Batcombe Down ST621040
view Bennetts Water Gardens SY651798
view Bere Heath SY856913
view Bere Wood SY870950
view Bestwall Marsh and Swineham SY928875
view Bincombe Down SY687848
view Bindon Hill SY835800
view Black Hill and Turnerspuddle ST845936
view Black Hill Down SU146026
view Blackdown and Hardy Monument SY613876
view Blue Pool SY934835
view Bonsley Common ST827088
view Boscombe and Southbourne Overcliff Local Nature Reserve SZ130913
view Bothenhampton Local Nature Reserve SY 471 913
view Bourne Valley Local Nature Reserve (Talbot Heath) SZ064936
view Bracketts Coppice Nature Reserve ST514074
view Brands Bay SZ030857
view Branksome Dene Chine Local Nature Reserve SZ 068 900
view Breach Fields SU070158
view Brenscombe Heath SY985829
view Broadcroft Quarry Nature Reserve SY697720
view Broadoak Community Orchard ST 791124
view Broadstone Heath Local Nature Reserve SZ 009 954
view Brooklands Farm Conservation Centre SY666952
view Brownsea Island SZ028878
view Bugdens Copse and Meadow Nature Reserves SU088087
view Butts Ponds Meadows Local Nature Reserve ST789156
view Canford Heath Local Nature Reserve SZ032950
view Carey SY890890
view Cashmoor Down ST989143
view Castle Hill Local Nature Reserve ST855227
view Chalbury Hill SY693827
view Chaldon Herring SY796834
view Chantry Fields ST808267