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Avifauna are animals with an internal skeleton and two legs because the two other legs have adapted to become wings. These are, of course, birds.

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A selection of birds usually associated with the sea and saline water, most are fish eaters.


Species of birds that are associated mainly, but not exclusively, with fresh water.


Birds of tidal water and marshes. Long beaks for probing the mud.


Raptor is another name for birds of prey. Equipped for killing with sharp beaks and tallons. 

Doves crows and game

Although not related I have combined these because they tend to share open countryside habitats.

Medium Passerines

Under medium passerines I include thrushes and other land birds of similar size.

Small Passerines

Under small passerines I include finches, buntings and land birds of a similar size.

Tiny Passerines

Under tiny passerines I include the samallest of our land based birds.