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Hierarchy Page Guide

  • The aim of this section is to:

    • Provide a primary level of selections to start the 'top down' species location or indentification process

    These aims are achieved by:

    • Providing a choice of six primary species groups which form the basic kingdoms that nature is divided into (excluding the complex ones like bacteria and other seldom seen organisms.

    This section can be used for:

    • Finding information about a particular species (or group of species) that you have a particular interest in
    • Getting help with the identification of a species using a logical step by step approac

    From this home page you can: 

    Decide which part of the nature kingdom the species you want to find or identify belongs in:

    • Quadrupeds which are four footed animals, basically mammals and reptiles but this also contains marinf mammals which have no feet!
    • Avifauna which is, of course, the fancy name for birds!
    • Invertebrates which are animals without an internal skeleton, mainly insects but also includes spiders, molluscs and arthropods
    • Flowering plants which include flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees as well as grasses, rushes and reeds
    • Non-flowering plants such as ferns. mosses and lichens (although lichens NOT are plants!)
    • Fungi which are not plants but a separate kingdom altogether 

    Click/tap your selection to move to the next level down:




    Flowering Plants

    Non-flowering Plants