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My Nature Notes Grouped by Theme into On-line Books

I have been writing 'nature notes' for some years now and publish them each day on my Facebook and Blogger sites. They seem quite popular and have a daily following of several hundred people. However, during the time of writing the notes the older ones 'disappear' as new ones arrive and so I am trying to give access to the older ones to both new followers who may have missed them and for regular followers who may wish to look back.

To achieve this I have grouped the notes I have written into common themes and publish them here as 'books'. You can read my books in three ways:

  1. On-line direct from this website and totally free of charge
  2. Download an Ebook to read (or print out) on your own computer/tablet/phone whenever you want
  3. Printed version in high quality, printed on-demand just for you to have and read or to refer to whenever you wish

Below are the 'books' I have assembled so far. Not all are available in Ebook or printed forms but I hope they will be in time. Click/tap on the image of any book for a list of the contents and then you will have the options to read on-line, download an Ebook or order a printed copy. You can, of course, do all three - read it on line, if you the want a copy of your own download the Ebook and then order a printed copy to keep!

In addition to being able to read the book on line you will find that for many books there is additional information available:

  • View Species Gallery: provides a link to a gallery of photographs for each species featured in the book for comparative purposes, it may help with identification
  • Nature of Dorset Records: provides details of the all species in the book and the places that I have seen them, it may help you find what you are looking for
  • Other Resources: provides links to other web sites with information about the species covered in the book

I do hope you find these books useful and interesting!