How can we help you explore the nature of Dorset?


I want to ...

  • ... use the FULL version of the Nature of Dorset

    • Designed with desktops and laptops in mind
    • Detailed displays and lists as well as charts and larger photos
    • Find and identify species, locate and explore sites, interrogate the records database, etc 
  • ... use the SUMMARY version of the Nature of Dorset

    • Designed with mobile phones and tablets in mind
    • Focus on applications for use in the field rather than the office
    • Touch screen sensitive, optimised displays and performance enhancements

This is my personal guide to the nature of Dorset; it is my hobby, not my livelihood and I make no charge for the use of it and there are no advertisements! My aim is to provide you as much information as I can about the best places to find animals and plants in Dorset and to help you identify a species you may have seen or to find a species you are looking for. For those wishing to delve a little deeper there is access to the Nature of Dorset database of reported sightings; species, site, date and observer.