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Contributor's Name Jake Alexander

Birdwatcher and Twitcher. Work in Conservation.

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Date added to NoD Sunday, 10 September, 2017 - 19:01
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The records for this contributor have been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

Contributor section guidance

This section of the Nature of Dorset enables you to look at records submitted by nature watchers from across the county. Records are collected from their Twitter 'tweeted' observations which are then indexed, collated and stored in the main Nature of Dorset database of recorded sightings. To make this data more easily digestible it is presented here as reports, maps, charts and photo galleries together with the original tweets from which the these various views are generated. By using the FIVE icons above you can click/tap to see:

  • REPORTS: There is a single report showing a list of all the species the contributor has recorded with various options for you to filter and sort the data
  • MAPS: There is a single map which shows all the locations from where the contributor has submitted records. You can click on any location marker and then click again to see the species this contributor has seen at each location.
  • CHARTS: There are three charts that show the main interest of the contributor, where they do most of their recording and have active they have been over the months.
  • PHOTOS: For those contributors who submit photographs with their records a selection of their photographs are displayed here in a gallery - click on any photo in the gallery to see a large view.
  • TWEETS: This is the complete list of tweets from this contributor from which the data on the other pages has been gathered.

On every page there is an option to print what you see if required. Once you have finished with the page you need to use your browsers 'page page' function to return to the contributor's home page before you can select another option.


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