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Povington and Grange Heaths

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SSSI Name Povington and Grange Heaths
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A substantial tract of heathland with bordering grasslands and woodland. Most of the heathland is damp or wet including some well developed bog systems, but there are also areas of dry heath. The heathland has a rich associated fauna. The peripheral grasslands which vary in wetness are acidic or neutral in character and several fields possess uncommon and very diverse plant communities.

Interest Biological
Status Now Featured on NoD
My Notes Sadly, much of this SSSI lies within the boundaries of the tank training area linked to Bovington Camp and so cannot be accessed by the general public. The western end known as Coombe Heath is, however, outside the restricted area.

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Coombe Heath Nature Reserve

An excellent example of acidic soil habitat with both dry and wet heath including an extensive areas of bog containing many interesting plants and insects. 


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