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Woodland Grasshopper

The most likely grasshopper to be seen in woodland habitats but not that common.


  • Woodland Grasshopper: in glades and rides

    Post date: Saturday, 4 October, 2014 - 00:00

    No guesses as to where you will find the woodland grashopper (Omocestus rufipes); it is, of course, primarily an insect of warm, sunnny, open patches of woodland and woodland rides. It likes coppice and broadleaf woodland but it can also be found in conifer plantations.

    This is a southern species of grasshopper and, whilst not exactly widespread in Dorset, where it does occur it can be quite numerous. There are signs that it may be extending its range and also widening its habitat choices.

    A distinctive grasshopper, it cannot really be mistaken for any other species as it is so much darker, the male being almost black with a red tip to the abdomen.


Common Name Woodland Grasshopper
Scientific Name Omocestus rufipes
Species Group Grasshoppers
Interest Level
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