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Thick-headed Fly (S ferrugineus)

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A distinctive species of fly found on low vegetation in hedgerows and woodland rides.


Sicus ferrugineus: the thick-headed fly

Post date: Monday, 28 March, 2016 - 00:00

Some species of insect are really quite unmistakable, they quite unique. Unmistakable, that is, if you know what they are!

After spending half an hour thumbing through my field guides I could not put a name to this species which annoyed me as it should have been quite obvious from the shape and the colour. In the end I gave up and posted the photograph on the Open University Ispot website [] and within an hour or so it had been identified and three other people confirmed that it was one of the thick-headed flies (Sicus ferrugineus). There are apparently several different species.

Referring back to my field guides this species is in none of them so thanks to those enthusiasts on Ispot without whose amazing knowledge this would have remained another of my photographs of unidentified insects.

I guess the name thick-headed fly is descriptive of its appearance and not its mental intelligence?


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Common Name Thick-headed Fly (S ferrugineus)
Scientific Name Sicus ferrugineus
Interest Level
Species Family House flies and Blow Flies
Preferred Environment
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