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Spider (P aureolus)

A well camouflaged spider that waits and ambushes prey rather than trapping it in a web



  • Philodromus aureolus: the waiting game

    Post date: Tuesday, 25 November, 2014 - 00:00

    Philodromus aureolus is another of those species that rely on camouflage, stealth and speed to hunt prey. The male is bright green, the female paler in colour and it is believed that they can change colour to match their back ground. it has certainly been shown that some other members of the philodromus family can do this.

    Using their camouflage, they wait on the leaves of low vegetation, on bushes and trees, and catch prey that comes near. However, they can also move very quickly and can chase prey down too. They also use speed to escape danger too. They do not weave webs but the female uses silk to draw leaves together to protect the sacs containing the eggs.

    This is a common and widespread species across Britain.


Common Name Spider (P aureolus)
Scientific Name Philodromus aureolus
Species Group Spiders
Interest Level
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