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Silver Hair-grass

A low growing grass with a silvery sheen that grows on sandy soils



  • Silver Hair-grass: hallmark of a fine grass

    Post date: Sunday, 21 February, 2016 - 00:00

    I will get the obvious 'funny' out of the way first; this species is not silver-hair grass, a form of cannabis for older people, it is silver hair-grass (Aira caryophyllea).

    Hair-grasses are so called because the branches that the florets appear on are exceedingly fine, just like hair. In the case of silver hair-grass the whole plant has a silvery colouring as it glistens in the sun but close up it has something of a purple tinge to it. Flowering from May until July it is fairly short grass a that grows on dry, bare patches on sandy or gravelly soils. When the flowers are over they turn white.

    It is a very delicate plant and getting a good photograph of it has escaped me so far. 


Common Name Silver Hair-grass
Scientific Name Aira caryophyllea
Species Group Grasses
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