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Now here is a dilema! I saw this on the lawn of a house on the edge of Wareham and quickly photographed it for identification when I got home as it was such a striking toadstool. I then find out that it is the Panthercap, one of the deadliest poisonous fungi that we have in this country. What should I do? Should I go back and ask them if they know they fungus on their lawn is certainly fatal if eaten or cause undue concern as they are unlikely to eat them anyway? I took the latter route, I want people to admire and wonder at our natural world, not be frightened of it.

This is an occasional species, appearing alone or in small groups near beech or oak in summer and autumn. Brown cap with white fluffy remnants of the outer casing that covers it as it appears  is quite distinctive but there are similar species, most of which are not good for you either!



Common Name Panthercap
Scientific Name Amanita pantherina
Species Group Amanita Fungi
Interest Level
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