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Photograph by: 
Ian Andrews

Primarily nocturnal and very shy otters are present on most Dorset rivers but rarely seen.


  • Otter: bucking the trend

    Post date: Tuesday, 9 August, 2016 - 08:01

    Whilst many species of animals and plants are in general decline it is wonderful to be able to read news of the recovery of otter populations across the country and this applies to Dorset too. Not that many years ago otters were confined to remote coastal areas, notably in Scotland. I saw my one and only otter on Skye back in 1982. Improvements in the quality of water in our rivers and the abolition of hunting of otters with dogs  has seen a remarkable turn round in recent times.

    Being nocturnal and also being very nervous of human beings they are generally difficult to see but there are more and more reports now of sightings by day from Stour Meadows near Blandford, Stour Valley to the north of Bournemouth and at Radipole lake in Weymouth. They are now on all of Dorset's main rivers and seem to be thriving. Long may that be the case.


Common Name Otter
Scientific Name Lutra lutra
Species Group Carnivores
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