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Lumpy Bracket

A common white bracket fungus that often turns green when colonised by algae



  • Lumpy Bracket: not for the pot

    Post date: Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 00:00

    Lumpy bracket (Trametes gibbosa) is a fungus that is white or creamwhen it first appears but it soon developes a green hue away from the edges caused by an algae that seems to have a fondness for it.

    Lumpy bracket grows from the trunk and stumps of dead broad-leaved trees especially, but not exclusively, beech and sycamore. It is widespread, common and appears all year round, sometimes on its own but often in small groups. It is a polypore which means it does not have gills to release its spores; it has a porous underside to the bracket and spores are released through these pores.

    It has very hard flesh when dry so this not one for the pot.



Common Name Lumpy Bracket
Scientific Name Trametes gibbosa
Species Group Bracket Fungi
Interest Level
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