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Hoverfly (S pyrastri)

Photograph by: 
Peter Orchard

A relatively large and conspicuous species with six distinctive white 'commas' on a black background. A migratory species from Europe.


  • Hoverfly: Scaeva Pyrastri

    Post date: Monday, 29 June, 2015 - 00:00

    This is a hoverfly species that I do not have to rush off and get my book to identify. Whilst many hoverflies are wasp mimics and are black and yellow Scaeva pyrastri is clearly black and white and is the only common hoverfly with these markings. In some references this is known as the pied hoverfly.

    It is a relatively large and conspicuous hoverfly that in summer can be found on flowers almost anywhere, including gardens, on waste ground, meadows, hedgerows, woodland edges and rides. It is primarily a migrant species with insects arriving from Europe and in some years there seem to be many more than in others. In some years it can be quite common in July and August with lesser numbers during the rest of the summer and early autumn. It is thought that some do breed here on arrival and their off spring will appear later in the season but any larvae are unlikely to survive the winter.


Common Name Hoverfly (S pyrastri)
Scientific Name Scaeva Pyrastri
Species Group Hover flies
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