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Hedge Bindweed

Photograph by: 
Peter Orchard

Common in hedgerows in autumn interwoven amongst brambles and other hedging plants.

  • Hedge Bindweed: the gardeners horror

    Post date: Wednesday, 11 January, 2017 - 21:16

    One of the last remnants of colour left in our hedgerows when autumn comes (apart from red berries of course) is the brilliant white of the trumpet flowers of hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium). Whilst dreaded in gardens, in its rightful place interwoven amongst brambles and other hedging plants the hedge bindweed has the most glorious of flowers and often, if you peek inside, there will be an insect of some sort feeding on the nectar. 

    This is a very common plant throughout the country, not just here in Dorset, and is easy to tell from its cousins, the field bindweed which tends to creep along the ground and the sea bindweed which is, as its name implies, found in coastal locations because they tend to be pink in colour with white stripes.

Common Name Hedge Bindweed
Alternative Name(s) Bellvine
Scientific Name Calystegia sepium
Species Group Bindweed Family Convolvulaceae
Interest Level
Look for
Identification Notes
Primary Habitat
Family Bindweed family - Convolvulaceae
Status Common
Flower Colour Group White
  • 06 - June
  • 07 - July
  • 08 - August
  • 09 - September
Preferred Environment
Look for Climbing hedgerow shrub with large tubular flowers
Additional Identification Notes
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