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Fungus (L cyaneobasileucum)


A widespread and fairly common species of dry heath where birch is present.


  • Leccinum cyaneobasileucum: the blue bolete

    Post date: Saturday, 24 September, 2016 - 20:53

    With names like Leccinum cyaneobasileucum it is little wonder that casual naturalists like me struggled to even pronounce the names of some fungi let alone remember them from one year to the next. In recent times the mycological movement have started giving "common" names to most species but this is one that seems to have been missed! This species does have a distinctive light blue colouring and that accounts for the cyan in cyaneobasileucum and as it is a member of the boletes group I am going to name this he blue bolete. 

    Despite not being allocated a common name in my new field guide in the same way many others have this is a widespread and fairly common species of dry heath where birch is present. Indeed, the only specimen I have come across was in exactly that habitat at Arne. 

    I have no idea whether it is edible so if you try it and survive with no ill effects please let me know!



Common Name Fungus (L cyaneobasileucum)
Scientific Name Leccinum cyaneobasileucum
Species Group Boletes Fungi
Interest Level
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Identification Notes
Primary Habitat
Preferred Environment
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Additional Identification Notes
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