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Cucumber Cap

According to my book a common fungus but I have only seen it at Upton Country Park


  • Macrocystidia cucumis: the cucumber cap

    Post date: Friday, 2 December, 2016 - 21:00

    This amazing collection of fungi covers several square metres on the edge of the car park at Upton Country Park. It is quite a sight, especially if you like toadstools. It has the common name of the cucumber cap (Macrocystidia cucumis) and is actually quite common according to my book but I have never seen it anywhere else in Dorset. It can grow on the edge of woodlands and roadsides especially under broadleaved trees and likes bare soil. At Upton it has taken hold of some bark chippings that were put down to keep the weeds out and is thriving; indeed, it may even have come in with the bark clippings.  

    It apparently has a strong smell of fishy cucumber hence its common name! I have no idea whether it is edible but I think it is best left well alone, not a good idea to take chances with fungi ...

Common Name Cucumber Cap
Scientific Name Macrocystidia cucumis
Species Group Tricholoma Fungi
Interest Level
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