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Common Yellow Russula

The Common Yellow Russula is a familiar sight on any Dorset woodland floor in autumn as it grows amongst the leaf litter in both coniferous and deciduous woods. Once I put a name to it I then started to encounter it just about everywhere. Although solitary by nature, rather than gregarious in troops or circles, once you find one you will generally find many others in the same area. As usual, it seems, the common name is not really helpful because it is not yellow as some fungi are; truly yellow I mean, it is more ochre in colour. However, the ochre colour makes sense of the scientific name of Russula ochorleuca - ochre-leucent! When the cap first appears it is curved in shape, it gradually flattens out leaving a little dimple in the middle but also revealing the gills around the edges.

My book says it\'s an edible species but the specimens I have found are usually already in decay and do not look in least appetizing.


Common Name Common Yellow Russula
Alternative Name(s) Ochre Brittlegiill
Scientific Name Russula ochroleuca
Species Group Russula Fungi
Interest Level
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Primary Habitat
Preferred Environment
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