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Common Jumping Spider

A small woodland spider capable of jumping from its preferred perch to avoid predators or to catch prey.


  • Common Jumping Spider: jump to it

    Post date: Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 - 00:00

    No prizes for guessing why this is called the common jumping spider (Evarcha falcata)! Yes, it can jump either to avoid a threat or to catch prey. It uses a system of silk threads as safety ropes by attaching a thread to where it is standing and then, should their jump fail, they can pull themselves back to safety! Amazing ...?

    According to my friend Wikipedia 13% of all spider species fall within the jumping spider group. Despite this just two species of this group occur in Britain and this one is the most common of the two although it is predominantly a southern species. It is mainly found in woodland where it thrives on low branches and ground cover vegetation and here in Dorset it can also be found on our heaths using gorse and sometimes heather as a base.

    This little creature has four pairs of eyes which enables it to hunt both during the day and at night, something most other spiders cannot do. 


Common Name Common Jumping Spider
Scientific Name Evarcha falcata
Species Group Spiders
Interest Level
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