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Common Field Grasshopper

An abundant species of grasshopper found mainly in areas where there are bare patches of earth.


  • Common Field Grasshopper: but uncommon in grassy fields!

    Post date: Saturday, 30 August, 2014 - 00:00

    I shunned grasshoppers as 'too difficult' for many years so when I got the chance to spend a day with one of Dorset's authorities on them I 'jumped' at the chance! As always, it seems, the same process applies; get to know a couple of common species well and then you will know when you have found something different. When you do find something different get to know that well. Over time your knowledge grows. 

    I started with a couple of really abundant ones, the meadow grasshopper and this one, the common field grasshopper (Chorthippus brunneus). This one is 'quite' easy as it is predominantly dark brown with lighter markings on the abdomen, this can be a reddish colour towards the tail-end on the male. It also has two light stripes on the shoulders (but so do other species!). It is quite a large species and has wings that extend almost the full length of the body.
    This species, although the 'common field', is not a great lover of lush grassland and likes patches of clear ground and against bare earth they are quite well camouflaged. Once they 'fly', of course, and you follow them to where they land they have no hiding place. If you catch them when the sun goes in you can get quite close.


Common Name Common Field Grasshopper
Scientific Name Chorthippus brunneus
Species Group Grasshoppers
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