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Common Cross Spider

An abundant spider found everywhere in autumn and identifiable by the white cross marking on the abdomen.


  • Common Cross Spider: the garden spider

    Post date: Tuesday, 2 September, 2014 - 00:00

    The white cross on this spider's back is where it gets its name of the common cross spider (Araneus diadematus) from; it is also known as the garden spider as it can be common in gardens and they are especially visible in autumn when the dew forms on their wonderful webs. It is actually widespread and abundant just about everywhere during the late summer and autumn and you can find them on scrub and shrubs, hedgerows, fences, even on cars (they use my wing mirror as a base point for web building).

    There are countless numbers of these and it is, by far, our most commonly seen spider usually huddled up in the centre of their amazingly fine webs waiting for their next meal to drop in. They can be very variable in colour ranging from almost yellow to nearly black but brown is the most frequently seen. Despite the colour variation the body markings do not generally vary.

    A ferocious little creature to encounter if you are unsuspecting insect but quite harmless to anything bigger and on close inspection they are amazingly beautiful.


Common Name Common Cross Spider
Alternative Name(s) Garden Spider
Scientific Name Araneus diadematus
Species Group Spiders
Interest Level
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Primary Habitat
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