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Common Bonnet

Probably one of our most common species found in broad-leaved woodland on dead wood.


  • Mycena galericulata: the common bonnet fungus

    Post date: Wednesday, 28 December, 2016 - 21:25

    The common bonnet (Mycena galericulata) is very common; indeed, probably one of our most common fungus species. You will find it any just about any broad-leaved woodland on dead wood and, especially stumps where it can be extremely prevelant in big tufts with many stems. It can be found all year round but is particularly noticable in the autumn. 

    It is edible but as the individual specimens are quite small they are really not worth the effort to collect.


Common Name Common Bonnet
Scientific Name Mycena galericulata
Species Group Bonnets and Mottlegills
Interest Level
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