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Brown Rollrim

Photograph by: 
Peter Orchard

A very common species found in mixed and broad-leaved woodland in summer and autumn with a preference for acidic soils and birch trees.



  • Paxillus involutus: the brown rollrim fungus

    Post date: Tuesday, 7 March, 2017 - 21:23

    The brown rollrim (Paxillus involutus) is the only common representative of the Paxillaceae family, the other five are scarce and two are very difficult to identify and have only recently become regarded as seperate species to the brown rollrim itself. Paxillus involutus is a very common species however, found in mixed and broad-leaved woodland in summer and autumn.  They have a distinct preference for acidic soils and birch and so are quite common on the Purbeck heaths although they are just as at home on downland. Usually in groups.

    They may look tasty but be warned, they are poisonous!


Common Name Brown Rollrim
Scientific Name Paxillus involutus
Species Group Knights and Funnels
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