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Bladder Campion

It is not hard to see how this flower got its name. Behind the flower is a seed box that is bladder shaped hence, bladder campion. This makes the flower quite distinctive and easily separated from white campion which is really the only species you could possible mistake it for.

My book describes this as a common flower and, indeed, I used to see it frequently on the chalk hills of Hampshire but since moving to Dorset I have seldom seen it but when I have it has been associated with chalk.


Common Name Bladder Campion
Scientific Name Silene vulgaris
Species Group Campion Family Caryophyllaceae
Interest Level
Look for
Identification Notes
Primary Habitat
Family Campion Family - Caryophyllaceae
Status Occasional
Flower Colour Group White
  • 05 - May
  • 06 - June
  • 07 - July
  • 08 - August
  • 09 - September
Preferred Environment
Look for The large 'bladder' seed box at the bade of the flower head
Additional Identification Notes
Similar Species

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