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Black Bog-rush

A common sedge of wet bogs and salt marshes near the sea.



  • Schoenus nigricans: the black bog-rush

    Post date: Monday, 19 December, 2016 - 21:03

    The black bog-rush (Schoenus nigricans) is a common sedge but if it is common how come I have not got a very good photograph of it? Quite simply, it grows in very wet places and is difficult to get close to to get a photograph and my picture is actually the view you will often get when you find it.

    This plant has a central stem that grows to between two and three feet tall and at its tip a smallish black flower appears in July and August. It has thin, pointed leaves that grow from the base of the plant and these only reach about half way to the flower head. It grows in masses; there is always a lot of it where it occurs. It is not that common overall but abundant where it is established and it establishes itself in wet bogs and salt marshes near the sea. This means that around Poole Harbour, especially on the wet areas of the Purbeck heaths to the south of the harbour, is a favoured habitat for it.

    Next summer I really must put my wellies on and go wading to get a better photograph!



Common Name Black Bog-rush
Scientific Name Schoenus nigricans
Species Group Rushes and Reeds
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