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Bitter Bracket

A widespread and common bracket fungus that attacks rotting wood


  • Bitter Bracket: bitter and twisted

    Post date: Thursday, 30 October, 2014 - 00:00

    Bitter bracket (Postia stiptica) is a widespread and common bracket fungus that attacks rotting wood, usually on sawn surfaces. The Postia family in general are known as brown rot fungi because of the way they affect dead wood.

    This species has a preference for conifers and so you will often see it on the sawn ends of felled timber stacked in Forestry Commision woodlands. An autumn and winter species it is white when fresh but discolours with age as the specimen I photographed was doing.

    This has a very bitter taste and an unpleasant smell so do not even think about adding this to your full English breakfast!


Common Name Bitter Bracket
Scientific Name Postia stiptica
Species Group Bracket Fungi
Interest Level
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Primary Habitat
Preferred Environment
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