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Birch Brittlegill

A fungus that is always found near birch, hence the latin name of betularum, the scientific name for the birch. Whether it be a pure birch wood, coniferous forest or broadleaf woodland does not seem to matter; birch just needs to be present. In Dorset the heaths are the places to find birch trees so that is where this fungi often grows. It is very common in such places but is hard to identify with any precision as there are other similar species. Appearing in late summer and autumn, it is often found in groups or it can be solitary. The cap is generally flat with a small dimple in the middle and tinged russet. 

Not one for the frying pan, however; it is poisonous. 


Common Name Birch Brittlegill
Scientific Name Russula betularum
Species Group Russula Fungi
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