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Water Rail

An elusive species of reed beds, not uncommon but seldom seen.

Photograph by: 
Mark Wright

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Common Name Water Rail
Scientific Name Rallus aquaticus
Species Group Birds Rails and cranes
Status Occasional
Interest Level
  • 01 - January
  • 02 - February
  • 03 - March
  • 04 - April
  • 05 - May
  • 06 - June
  • 07 - July
  • 08 - August
  • 09 - September
  • 10 - October
  • 11 - November
  • 12 - December
Look for

A pig-like squeal from reeded areas

Identification Notes
  • Secretive birds that spend a lot of time in amongst reeds rarely emerging in to the open
  • They have a strange, almost unbird-like call, a bit like a squealing pig!
  • Present all year round and more likely to be seen in autumn/winter and heard in spring 
Primary Habitat
Preferred Environment
Look for
Additional Identification Notes
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