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Finding or Identify Species

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An alphabetical index of all the species featured in the Nature of Dorset:

  • Access basic information about any species that interests you
  • See photographs of the species (where available) to help with identification
  • See a distribution map, time charts, and much more


A top down approach to tracing groups of species or a particular species:

  • Start by selecting from one of six types of animal or plant
  • The select from categories within that section
  • Continue to family level and to species level if required


The identification tools are designed to try and help you identify a species by filtering options to produce a list of suggestions :

  • Identify birds selection of by colour, size, habitat and time of year
  • Identify flowers by colour, habitat, and flowering time
  • Identify trees by shape, bark, twig, leaf, flower, fruit, etc


Still struggling? If you are on one of Dorset's nature reserves why not try its species list in the SITES section - may be someone else has recorded it there?

This section is intended to help people who have seen an animal or plant and want to identifying it. For those with a particular interest my offerings here may help them pursue that interest and perhaps help them find a species they particularly want to see; most often this will be people planning to visit the county. In putting this together I have tried to make it as non-technical as I can so that anyone can use it but I expect some specialists will cringe at what I have done! This is not a scientific work, this is to help beginners and casual observers answer questions they may have.