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Spiders (or arachnids) have eight legs, no wings and a segmented body which seperates them from true insects which have six legs and four wings.

The information about this group of species has been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

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Purse-web Spider

Atypus affinis

Jumping Spider (P lanigera)

Pseudeuophrys lanigera.

Ladybird Spider

Eresus cinnaberinus

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Pholcus phalangioides

Heather Spider

Thomisus onustus

White Crab Spider

Misumena vatia

Green Crab Spider

Diaea dorsata

Spider (P aureolus)

Philodromus aureolus

Zebra Jumping Spider

Salticus scenicus

Common Jumping Spider

Evarcha falcata

Wolf Spider

Pardosa amentata

Raft Spider

Dolomedes fimbratus

Nursery Web Spider

Pisaura mirabilis

Labyrinth Spider

Agelena labyrinthica

House Spider

Tegenaria domesticus

Rabbit Hutch Spider

Steatoda bipunctata

False Black Widow

Steatoda nobilis

Spider (P degeeri.)

Pachygnatha degeeri.

Spider (T extensa)

Tetragnatha extensa

Spider (M segmentata)

Meta segmentata

Spider (G gibbosa)

Gibbaranea gibbosa

Angular Orb Web Spider

Araneus angulatus

Common Cross Spider

Araneus diadematus

Marbled Orb Weaver Spider

Araneus marmoreus

Orb Web Spider

Araneus quadratus

Walnut Orb Weaver

Nuctenea umbratica

Cucumber Spider

Araniella cucurbitina

Spider (H heri)

Hypsosinga heri

Wasp Spider

Argiope bruennichi

Giant house spider

Eratigena atrica