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Soldier flies and Snipe flies


Flies with flattened bodies and usually brightly coloured and can be mistaken for hover flies or even wasps. snipe flies tend to have a more pointed abdomen.

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Soldier fly (X maculata)

Xylomyia maculata

Black Snipe Fly

Chrysopilus cristatus

Downlooker Snipe Fly

Rhagio scolopacea

Marsh Snipe Fly

Rhagio tringarius

Banded General Soldier Fly

Stratiomys potamida

Flecked General Soldier Fly

Stratiomys singularior

Broad Centurion Soldier fly

Chloromyia formosa

Twin-spot Centurian

Sargus bipunctatus

Heath Bee-fly

Bombilius minor

Western Bee-fly

Bombylius canescens

Motttled Bee-fly

Thyridanthrax fenestratus

Yellow-banded conpid

Conops quadrifasciatus

Myopan Fly (P rufipes)

Physocephala rufipes

Picture-winged Fly (H lugubris)

Herina lugubris