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Sedges are lovers of damp, even wet, habit and have bladed leaves - sedges have edges.

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Schoenopletus lacustris

Sand Sedge

Carex arenaria

Brown Sedge

Carex disticha

False Fox Sedge

Carex otrubae

Greater Tussock-sedge

Carex paniculata

Spring Sedge

Carex caryophyllea

Carnation Sedge

Carex panicea

Dwarf Sedge

Carex humilis

Pill Sedge

Carex pilulifera

Remote Sedge

Carex remota

Spiked Sedge

Carex spicata

Grey Sedge

Carex divulsa

Dotted Sedge

Caarex punctata

Star Sedge

Carex echinata

Hairy Sedge

Carex hirta

Green-ribbed Sedge

Carex binervis

Black Sedge

Carex nigra

Bottle Sedge

Carex laevigata

Glaucous Sedge

Carex flacca

Greater Pond Sedge

Carex riparia

Lesser Pond Sedge

Carex acutiformis

Wood Sedge

Carex sylvatica

Pendulous Sedge

Carex pendula

Cyperus Sedge

Carex pseudocyperus

Common Yellow Sedge

Carex viridula

Oval Sedge

Carex leporina

Common Cottongrass

Eriophorum angustifolium

Sea Club-rush

Bolboschoenus maratima

Bristle Club-rush

Isolepis setacea

White Beak-sedge

Rhynchospora alba

Brown Beak-sedge

Rhynchospora fusca

Floating Club-rush

Scirpus fluitans

Common Spike-rush

Eleocharis palustre

Many-stemmed Spike-rush

Eleocharis multicaulis


Trichophorum cespitosum

Flea Sedge

Carex pulicaris