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Scarab Beetles and Burying beetles


Carnivorous, scavanging beetles. Largely nocturnal with a strong sense of smell that feed on carrion.

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Burying Beetle (C nemoralis)

Carabus nemoralis

Ground Beetle (C nitens)

Carabus nitens

Black Clock Beetle

Pterostichus madidus

Beetle (S atrata)

Silpha atrata

Common Burying Beetle

Nicrophorus vespillo

Shore Sexton Beetle

Nicrophorus littoralis

Devils coach-horse

Ocyous olens

Minotaur Beetle

Typhaeus typhoeus

Dor Beetle

Geotrupes stercorarius

Lesser Stag Beetle

Dorcus parallelipipedus

Stag Beetle

Lucanus cervus

Dung Beetle (A fimetarius)

Aphodius fimetarius

Dung Beetle (A rufipes)

Aphodius rufipes