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Rushes and Reeds

Reeds and Rushes

Fond primarily in damp habitat their flowers come out of the side of the stems. Rushes are round.

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Sharp-flowered Rush

Juncus acutiflorus

Jointed Rush

Juncus articulatus

Blunt-flowered Rush

Juncus subnodulosus

Toad Rush

Juncus bufonius

Bulbous Rush

Juncus bulbosus

Sea Rush

Juncus maritimus

Hard Rush

Juncus inflexus

Heath Rush

Juncus squarrosus

Slender Rush

Juncus tenuis

Saltmarsh Rush

Juncus geradi

Heath Wood-rush

Luzula multiflora

Great Woodrush

Luzula sylvatica

Hairy Woodrush

Luzula pilosa

Field Wood-rush

Luzula campestris

Dense-headed Heath Woodrush

Luzula multiflora ssp congesta

Black Bog-rush

Schoenus nigricans

Soft Rush

Juncus effusus

Compact Rush

Juncus conglomeratus