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Robber flies


Bristly, predatory flies inclined to sitting on leaves and ambushing passing insects which they catch in mid-air.

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Dance fly (E tessellata)

Empis tessellata

Hornet Robberfly

Asilus crabroniformis

Brown Heath Robberfly

Machimus cingulatus

Kite-tailed Robber fly

Machimus atricapillus

Robber Fly (N cyanurus)

Neoitamus cyanurus

Golden-tabbed Robberfly

Eutolmus Rufibarbis

Slender-striped Robber fly

Leptogaster cylindrica

Robber Fly (D baumhaueri)

Dioctria baumhaueri

Dance Fly (H grossipes)

Hybos grossipes

Dance Fly (E livida)

Empis livida

Flat-footed Fly

Lindneromyia dorsalis