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Pea Family Fabaceae


The form of the pea flower is unmistakable. The family is diverse though and contains vetches, clovers and many other familiar flowers. Most of the vetches are climbers using tendrils to cling to adjacent vegetation whilst clovers are low growing and free standing. A wide range of colours, sizes and styles but all with the distinctive pea flower and leaf.

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Kidney Vetch

Anthyllis vulneraria


Ornithopus perpusillus

Horseshoe Vetch

Hippocrepis comosa

Common Vetch

Vicia sativa

Bush Vetch

Vicia sepium

Hairy Tare

Vicia hirsuta

Smooth tare

Vicia tetrasperma

Slender Tare

Vicia laxiflora

Sea Pea

Lathyrus japonicus

Bitter Vetchling

Lathyrus linifolius

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Lotus corniculatus

Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil

Lotus pedunculatus

Hairy Birdsfoot Trefoil

Lotus subbiflorus


Medicago sativa

Spotted Medick

Medicago arabica

Meadow Vetchling

Lathyrus pratensis

Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea

Lathyrus latifolius

Black Medick

Medicago lupulina

Lesser Trefoil

Trifolium dubium

Hop Trefoil

Trifolium campestre

Slender Trefoil

Trifolium micranthum

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

Zigzag Clover

Trifolium medium

Haresfoot Clover

Trifolium arvense

Clustered Clover

Trifolium glomeratum

Strawberry Clover

Trifolium fragiferum

White Clover

Trifolium repens

Rough Clover

Trifolium scabrum

Subterranean Clover

Trifolium subterraneum

Suffocated Clover

Trifolium suffocatum


Onobrychis viciifolia

Tufted Vetch

Vicia cracca

Wood Vetch

Vicia sylvatica


Ononis repens

Ribbed Melilot

Melilotus officinalis

Small Melilot

Melilotus indica

Small-flowered Melilot

Melilotus dentata

Dyers Greenweed

Genista tinctoria

Petty Whin

Genista anglica


Ulex europaeus

Western Gorse

Ulex gallii

Dwarf Gorse

Ulex minor


Cytisus scoparius

Yellow Vetchling

Lathyrus aphaca

Grass Vetchling

Lathyrus nissolia

Birdsfoot Clover

Trifolium ornithopodiodes

Tree Lupin

Lupinus arboreus