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Nymphalid Butterflies Admirals and Fritillaries


Large, brightly coloured butterflies. A group that contains many of our most familiar species and some rare ones too!

The information about this group of species has been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

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Duke of Burgundy

Hamearis lucina

White Admiral

Limenitis camilla

Purple Emperor

Apatura iris

Red Admiral

Vanessa atalanta

Painted Lady

Vanessa cardui

Small Tortoiseshell

Aglais urticae


Inachis io


Polygonia c-album

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria selene

Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis aglaia

Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis paphia

Marsh Fritillary

Eurodryas aurinia

Large Tortoiseshell

Nymphalis polychloros

Queen of Spain Fritillary

Issoria lathonia


Danaus plexippus