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Moths 516 899 Noctuidae


By far the largest British family of moths. Outer wings are generally rather dingy but often have some quite detailed markings. The wings are folded flat on top of the body when resting.

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Clouded Buff

Diacrisia sannio

Spectacle Moth

Abrostola tripartita

Dark Spectacle

Abrostola triplasia

Ni Moth

Trichoplusia ni

Golden Twin-spot

Chrysodeixis chalcites

Dewicks Plusia

Macdunnoughia confusa

Burnished Brass

Diachrysia chrysitis

Silver Y Moth

Autographa gamma

Beautiful Golden Y

Autographa pulchrina

Plain Golden Y

Autographa gamma

Scarce Silver Y

Syngrapha interrogationis

Gold Spot

Plusia festucae

Nut-tree Tussock

Colocasia coryli

Scarce Merveille du Jour

Moma alpiium

Alder Moth

Acronicta alni

Knot Grass Moth

Acronicta rumicis

Sweet Gale Moth

Acronicta cinerea

Sycamore Moth

Acronicta aceris


Acronicta leporina

Coronet Moth

Craniophora ligustri

Four-spotted Moth

Tyta luctuosa

Shark moth

Cucullia umbratica

Chamomile Shark

Cucullia chamomillae

Mullein Shark

Cucullia verbasci

Copper Underwing

Amphipyra pyramidea

Green-brindled Crescent

Allophyes oxyacanthae

Early Grey Moth

Xylocampa areola

Bordered Straw

Heliothis peltigera

Marbled Clover

Heliothis viriplaca

Scarce Bordered Straw

Helicoverpa armigera

Small Mottled Willow

Spodoptera exigua

Rosy Marbled

Elaphria venustula

Mottled Rustic

Caradrina morpheus

Clancys Rustic

Caradrina kadenii

Pale Mottled Willow

Caradrina clavipalpis

Rustic moth

Hoplodrina blanda

Vines Rustic

Hoplodrina ambigua

Silky Wainscot

Chilodes maritima

Treble Lines

Charanyca trigrammica

Porters Rustic

Athetis hospes

Orache Moth

Trachea atriplicis

Angle Shades

Phlogophora meticulosa

Small Angle-shades

Euplexia lucipara

Haworths Minor

Celaena haworthii

Frosted Orange

Gortyna flavago

Large Wainscot

Rhizedra lutosa

Bulrush Wainscot

Nonagria typhae

Fen Wainscot

Arenostola phragmitidis

Twin-spotted Wainscot

Lenisa geminipuncta

Small Dotted Buff

Photedes minima

Webbs Wainscot

Globia sparganii

Dusky Brocade

Apamea remissa

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Apamea sordens

Slender Brindle

Apamea scolopacina

Dark Arches

Apamea monoglypha

Light Arches Moth

Apamea lithoxylaea

Reddish Light Arches

Apamea sublustris

Double Lobed Moth

Lateroligia ophiogramma

Common Rustic

Mesapamea secalis

Marbled Minor

Oligia strigilis

Beautiful Gothic

Leucochiaena ogitis

Centre-barred Sallow

Atethmia centrago

Orange Sallow

Tiliacea citrago

Barred Sallow

Tiliacea aurago

Pink-barred Sallow

Xanthia togata

Sallow Moth

Cirrhia icteritia

Lunar Underwing

Agrochola lunosa

Red-line Quaker

Agrochola lota

Southern Chestnut

Agrochola haematidea

Dotted Chestnut

Conistra rubiginea

Tawny Pinion

Lithophane semibrunnea

Pale Pinion

Lithophane socia

Grey Shoulder-knot

Lithophane ornitopus

Red Swordgrass

Xylena vetusta

Satellite Moth

Eupsilia transversa

Double Kidney Moth

Ipimorpha retusa

Olive Moth

Ipimorpha subtusa

Oak Rustic

Dryobota labecula

Merveille du Jour

Griposia aprilina

Brindled Green

Dryobotodes eremita

Sombre Brocade

Dryobotodes tenebrosa

Flame Brocade

Trigonophora flammea

Feathered Brindle

Feathered Brindle

Black Rustic

Aporophyla nigra

Brindled Ochre

Dasypolia templi

Dark Brochade

Blepharita adusta

Pine Beauty

Panolis flammea

Clouded Drab

Orthosia incerta

Blossom Underwing

Orthosia miniosa

Common Quaker

Orthosa stabilis

Small Quaker

Orthosia cruda

Powdered Quaker

Orthosia gracilis

Northern Drab

Orthosia opima

Hebrew Character

Orthosia gothica

Twin-spot Quaker

Anorthoa munda

Feathered Gothic

Tholera decimalis

Antler Moth

Cerapteryx graminis


Anarta trifolii

Beautiful Yellow Underwing

Anarta myrtilli

Grey Arches

Polia nebulosa

Light Brocade

Lacanobia w-latinum

Pale-shouldered Brocade

Lacanobia thalassina

Dogs Tooth Moth

Lacanobia suasa

Bright-line Brown-eye

Lacanobia oleracea

Splendid Brocade

Lacanobia splendens

Dot Moth

Melanchra persicariae

Shears Moth

Hada plebeja

Cabbage Moth

Mamestra brassicae

Campion Moth

Sideridis rivularia

Broad-barred White

Hecatera bicolorata

White Spot

Hadena albimacula

Common Wainscot

Mythimna pallens

Southern Wainscot

Mythimna straminea

Delicate Moth

Mythimna vitellina

White Point

Mythimna albipuncta

Shore Wainscot

Mythimna litoralis

L-album Wainscot

Mythimna l-album

Shoulder Stripe Wainscot

Mythimna comma


Leucania loreyi

Flame Wainscot

Senta flammea

Heart and Dart

Agrotis exclamationis

Turnip Moth

Agrotis segetum

Heart and Club

Agrotis clavis

Archers Dart

Agrotis vestigilis

Crescent Dart

Agrostis trux

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Agrotis puta

Dark Swordgrass

Agrotis ipsilon

Flame Shoulder

Ochropleura plecta

Radfords Flame Shoulder

Ochropleura leucogaster

Purple Clay

Diarsia brunnea

Small Square-spot

Diarsia rubi

True Lovers Knot

Lycophotia porphyrea

Large Yellow Underwing

Noctua pronuba

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Noctua fimbriata

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Noctua comes

Least Yellow Underwing

Noctua interjecta

Green Arches

Anaplectoides prasina

Dotted Clay Moth

Xestia baja

Neglected Rustic

Xestia catanea

Heath Rustic

Xestia agathina

Square-spot Rustic

Xestia xanthographa

Six-striped Rustic

Xestia sexstrigata

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Xestia c-nigrum

Double Square Spot

Xestia triangulum

Autumnal Rustic

Eugnorisma plareosa

These much rarer species have also been recorded in Dorset:

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Species Common Name Scientific Name Status
Grey Dagger Acronicta psi


A widespread species occurring in gardens, parks, hedgerows, woodland and even wet lands


Red Chestnut Moth Cerastis rubricosa


A common very early species found in many habitats


Red-headed Chestnut Conistra erythrocephala

An increasingly frequent migrant moth found in autumn and winter in southern counties


Chestnut Moth Conistra vaccinii

A common but variable species that overwinters as an adult and can be found on mild nights in winter


Old Lady Moth Mormo maura


A mainly southern species found in mature gardens, parklands, churchyards and similar situations


Brown Rustic Rusina ferruginea

A widespread and fairly common species in most habitats