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Moths 416 478 Tigers Ermines and Footmen


Striking moths, brightly coloured and that acts as a warning to preditors as most of this family are poisonous!

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  • Kent Black Arches

    Meganola albula
  • Least Black Arches

    Nola confusalis
  • Scarce Silver-lines

    Bena bicolorana
  • Green Silver-lines

    Pseudoips prasinana
  • Oak Nycteoline

    Nycteola revayana
  • Cream-bordered Green Pea Moth

    Earias clorana
  • Herald Moth

    Scoliopteryx libatrix
  • Snout Moth

    Hypena proboscidalis
  • Bloxworth Snout

    Hypena obsitalis
  • Beautilful Snout

    Hypena crassalis
  • White Satin

    Leucoma salicis
  • Gypsy Moth

    Lymantria dispar
  • Black Arches

    Lymantria monacha
  • Brown-tail

    Euproctis chrysorrhoea
  • Pale Tussock

    Calliteara pudibunda
  • Vapourer Moth

    Orgyia antiqua
  • Buff Ermine

    Spilosoma luteum
  • White Ermine

    Spilosoma lubricipeda
  • Muslin Moth

    Diaphora mendica
  • Ruby Tiger

    Phragmatobia fuliginosa
  • Cream-spot Tiger

    Arctia villica
  • Garden Tiger

    Arctia caja
  • Scarlet Tiger

    Callimorpha dominula
  • Jersey Tiger

    Euplagia quadripunctaria
  • Cinnabar Moth

    Tyria jacobaeae
  • Crimson Speckled Moth

    Utetheisa pulchella
  • Rosy Footman

    Miltochrista miniata
  • Four-dotted Footman

    Lithosia quadra
  • Buff Footman

    Eilema depressa
  • Common Footman

    Eilema lurideola
  • Orange Footman

    Eileme sororcula

These much rarer species have also been recorded in Dorset:

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Species Common Name Scientific Name Status
Red-necked Footman Atolmis rubricollis

A species of wooded habitats and believed to be extending its range across much of the country


Wood Tiger Parasemia plantaginis

A rare species found in very few places in Dorset


Yellow-tail Moth Sphrageidus similis


A common and widespread species found in most habitat types