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Moths 388 415 Kittens and Prominents


These are three types of notodontidae family. Each has distinctive characteristics but in general are stout, hairy and sombre!

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Iron Prominent

Notodonta dromedarius

Pebble Prominent

Notodonta ziczac

Marbled Brown

Drymonia dodonaea

Lunar Marbled Brown

Drymonia ruficornis

Swallow Prominent

Pheosia tremula

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Pheosia gnoma

Pale Prominent

Pterostoma palpina

Coxcomb Prominent

Ptilodon capucina

Puss moth

Cerura vinula

Sallow Kitten

Furcula furcula

Great Prominent

Peridea anceps


Phalera bucephala

Lobster Moth

Stauropus fagi

These much rarer species have also been recorded in Dorset:

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Species Common Name Scientific Name Status
Chocolate-tip Clostera curtula


A mainly southern species where it can be found near poplar and sallow trees


Poplar Kitten Furcula bifida

A local species of southern England around polar trees