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Moths 051 068 Hawkmoths


Stout bodied, fast flying moths. Often large with colourful markings. Most often seen as large caterpillars rather than night flying moths.

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  • Eyed Hawkmoth

    Smerinthus ocellata
  • Poplar Hawk-moth

    Laothoe populi
  • Lime Hawk-moth

    Mimas tiliae
  • Pine Hawkmoth

    Hyloicus pinastri
  • Deaths-head Hawk-moth

    Acherontia atropos
  • Convolvulous Hawkmoth

    Agrius convolvuli
  • Privet Hawk-moth

    Sphinx ligustri
  • Oleander Hawk-moth

    Daphnis nerii
  • Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

    Hemaris tityus
  • Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth

    Hemaris fuciformis
  • Humming-bird Hawk-moth

    Macroglossum stellatarum
  • Silver-striped Hawkmoth

    Hippotion celerio
  • Striped Hawkmoth

    Hyles livornica
  • Bedstraw Hawk-moth

    Hyles galii
  • Elephant Hawk-moth

    Deilephila elpenor
  • Small Elephant Hawk-moth

    Deilephila porcellus