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Moths 034 050 Eggars saturns and leopards


These are three small groups of moths but with (in general) large species! It includes cossidae (leopards), Lasiocampidae (eggars) and saturniidae (the emporer moth).

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Goat Moth

Cossus cossus

Leopard Moth

Zeuzera pyrina

Small Eggar

Eriogaster lanestris

Lackey Moth

Malacosoma neustria

Oak Eggar

Lasiocampa quercus

Fox Moth

Macrothylacia rubi

Drinker Moth

Euthrix potatoria


Gastropacha quercifolia

Emperor Moth

Pavonia pavonia

These much rarer species have also been recorded in Dorset:

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Species Common Name Scientific Name Status
December Moth Poecilocampa populi


A common species of deciduous woodland that flies in late autumn and in to the winter