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Micro moths


A range of families of small moths, many day flying. Quite variable in appearance and many difficult to identify.

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  • White-speck

    Mythimna unipuncta
  • Yellow-barred Longhorn Moth

    Nemophora degeerella
  • Oak Longhorn Moth

    Adela reaumurella
  • Hawthorn Moth

    Scythropia crataegella
  • Bird-cherry Ermine

    Yponomeuta evonymella
  • Spindle Ermine

    Yponomeula cagnatella
  • Diamond-back Moth

    Plutella xylostella
  • Micro-moth [A marcidella]

    Acrolepiopsis marcidella
  • Sulphur Tubic Moth

    Esperia sulphurella
  • Micro moth (M subbistrigella )

    Mompha subbistrigella
  • Twenty-plume Moth

    Alucita hexadactyla
  • Saltmarsh Plume

    Agdistis bennetii
  • Beautiful Plume Moth

    Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
  • Crescent Plume

    Marasmarcha lunaedactyla
  • Scarce Light Plume

    Crombrugghia laetus
  • White Plume Moth

    Pterpherpteryx pentadactyla
  • Common Plume Moth

    Emmelina monodactyla
  • Tortrix moth (E immundana)

    Epinotia immundana
  • Spotted Shoot Moth

    Rhyacionia pinivorana
  • Tortrix moth (P regiana)

    Pammene regiana
  • Wax Moth

    Galleria mellonella
  • Red-striped Knot-horn

    Oncocera Semirubella
  • Thistle Ermine

    Myelois circumvoluta
  • Boxworm Moth

    Cydamila perspectalis
  • Garden Grass Veneer

    Chrysoteuchia culmella
  • Brown China Mark

    Nymphula nymphaeata
  • Ringed China-mark

    Parapoynx stratiolata
  • Beautiful China Mark

    Nymphula nitidulata
  • Garden Pebble

    Evergestis forficalis
  • Grass moth (E limbata)

    Evergestis limbata
  • Small Purple and Gold

    Pyrausta aurata
  • Common Purple and Gold Moth

    Pyrausta purpuralis
  • Lesser Pearl Moth

    Sitochroa verticalis
  • Small Magpie

    Eurrhypara hortulata
  • Grass Moth (E coronata)

    Anania coronata
  • European Corn-borer

    Ostrinia nubilalis
  • Rusty Dot Pearl

    Udea ferrugalis
  • Mother of Pearl

    Pleuroptya ruralis
  • Olive-tree Pearl

    Palpita vitrealis

These much rarer species have also been recorded in Dorset:

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Species Common Name Scientific Name Status
Rush Veneer Nomophila noctuella


Primarily an immigrant species to southern England often in large numbers