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Longhorn beetles


Named longhorns because of their long and sturdy antennae. Elongated bodies. Larvae are usually wood borers. 

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Two-banded Longhorn Beetle

Rhagium bifasciatum

Black-spotted Longhorn Beetle

Rhagium mordax

Four Banded Longhorn Beetle

Leptura quadrifasciata

Spotted Longhorn Beetle

Rutpela maculata

Tawny Longhorn Beetlel

Paracorymbia fulva

Tobacco-coloured Longhorn Beetle

Alosterna tabacicolor

Fairy-ring Longhorn Beetle

Pseudovadonia livida

Dusky Longhorn Beetle

Arhopalus rusticus

Wasp Beetle

Clytus arietis

Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle

Agapanthia villosoviriidescens

Lesser Thorn-tipped Longhorn Beetle

Pogonocherus hispidus