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Heteropteran bugs

Miscellaneous Insects

I have put shield bugs in to a seperate category leaving all other heteropteran bugs here. A large and varied family, usually with slender bodies and long antennae.

The information about this group of species has been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

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Leafhopper (K cf. smaragdula)

Kybos cf. smaragdula

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Leptoglossus occidentalis

Nettle Ground Bug

Heterogaster urticae

Mirid Bug (M ruber)

Deraeocoris ruber

Capsid bug (H thoracica)

Harpocera thoracica

Capsid Bug (D flavoquadrimaculatus )

Dryophilicoris flavoquadrimaculatus

Mirid Bug (H planicornis)

Heterotoma planicornis

Mirid Bug (C virgula)

Campyloneura virgula

Common Green Capsid

Lygocoris pabulinus

Mirid Bug (M striatus)

Miris striatus

Mirid Bug (G stysi)

Grypocoris stysi

Meadow Plant Bug

Leptopterna dolabrata

Pond Skater

Gerris lacustris

Water Stick-insect

Ranatra linearis


Notonecta glauca

Horned Treehopper

Centrotus cornutus