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Grasshoppers & Crickets

Grasshoppers are much more slender than the generally bulky bush-cricket and have much shorter antennae.

The information about this group of species has been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

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Common Groundhopper

Tetrix undulata

Common Green Grasshopper

Omocestus viridulus

Large Marsh Grasshopper

Stethophyma grossum

Woodland Grasshopper

Omocestus rufipes

Common Field Grasshopper

Chorthippus brunneus

Striped Winged Grasshopper

Stenobothrus lineatus

Mottled Grasshopper

Myrmeleotettix maculatus

Heath Grasshopper

Chorthippus vagans

Meadow Grasshopper

Chorthippus parallelus

Lesser Marsh Grasshopper

Chorthippus albomarginatus