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Grasses are flowering plants but have pannicles rather than the more familiar flower types of other plants.

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Annual Meadow-grass

Poa annua

Smooth Meadow-grass

Poa pratensis

Rough Meadow-grass

Poa trivialis

Meadow Fescue

Schendonorus pratensis

Tall Fescue

Festuca arundinacea

Creeping Bent

Agrostis stolonifera

Common Bent

Agrostis capillaris


Briza media

Great Quaking Grass

Briza maxima

Wood Melick

Melica uniflora

Whorl Grass

Catabrossa aquatica

Reed Canary-grass

Phalaris arundinaceae

Common Reed

Phragmites australis

Reed Sweet-grass

Glyceria maxima

Wood Millet

Milium effusum

Saltmarsh Grass

Puccinellia maritima

Red Fescue

Festuca rubra


Festuca ovina

Giant Fescue

Festuca gigantea


Bromopsis ramosa

Upright Brome

Bromopsis erecta

Barren Brome

Anisantha sterilis


Bromus hordeaceus

Brown Bent

Agrostis vinealis

False Oat-Grass

Arrhenatherum elatius

Wild Oat

Avena fatua

Yellow Oat-grass

Trisetum flavescens

Tufted Hair-grass

Deschampsia cespitosa

Wavy Hair-grass

Deschampsia flexuosa

Silver Hair-grass

Aira caryophyllea

Floating Sweet-grass

Glyceria fluitans

Purple Moor Grass

Molinia caerulea

Heath Grass

Danthonia decumbens


Holcus lanatus

Creeping Soft-grass

Holcus mollis

Downy Oat-grass

Avenula pubescens

Meadow Oat-grass

Helictotrichon pratense

Wood Small-reed

Calamagrostis epigeious

Squirreltail Fescue

Vulpia bromoides

Bristle Bent

Agrostis curtisii

Marram Grass

Ammophila arenaria

Lyme Grass

Leymus arenaria

Meadow Foxtail

Alopecurus pratensis

Marsh Foxtail

Alopecurus geniculatus


Phleum pratense

Smaller cats-tail

Phleum bertolonii

Sweet Vernal-grass

Anthoxanthum odoratum

Wall Barley

Hordeum murinum

Meadow Barley

Hordeum secalinum

Nit Grass

Gastriidium ventricosum

Perennial Rye-grass

Lolium perenne

Common Couch Grass

Elymus repens

Common Cord-grass

Spartina anglica

Sea Couch (probably hybrid)

Elymus pycnanthus

Early Hair-grass

Aira praecox

Sea Fern-grass

Catapodium marinum

Curved Hard Grass

Parapholis incurva

Crested Dogs-tail

Cynosurus cristatus


Brachypodium sylvaticum


Brachypodium rupestre

Bermuda Grass

Cynodon dactylon


Dactylis glomerata


Lagurus ovatus

Crested Hair-grass

Koeleria macrantha