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Dock Family Polygonaceae


Docks are probably familiar to us all; big, untidy, leafy plants with seed-like flowers that are green or reddish. The dock family does have a number of species like that but it also includes sorrels and knotgrasses, The latter, although small, clearly show many of the same characteristics that the large species do.

The information about this group of species has been organised into reports, charts, maps and photos. Click a pic below to see the detail:

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Broad-leaved Dock

Rumex obtusifolius

Water Dock

Rumex hydrolapathum

Curled Dock

Rumex crispus

Wood Dock

Rumex sanguineus

Clustered Dock

Rumex conglomeratus

Fiddle Dock

Rumex pulcher

Common Sorrel

Rumex acetosa

Sheeps Sorrel

Rumex acetosella

Black Bindweed

Polygonum convolvulus

Russian Vine

Fallopia baldchuanica


Persicaria maculosa

Pale Persicaria

Persicaria lapathifolia


Polygonum hydropiper

Japanese Knotweed

Fallopia japonica


Polygonum aviculare

Small-leaved Knotgrass

Polygonum arenastrum